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Manufacturing Facilities

Slitters / Mini-slitters

Streamlining operations to enable more rapid order fulfillment

We operate slitter lines at the Miyake Factory, Senboku Center, and Mie Center.
Along with one mini-slitter, our three slitter models accommodate different sheet widths (1,350 mm, 1,600 mm, and 1,850 mm), enabling us to fulfill orders more efficiently and quickly.
Slitter specifications


Accepting manufacturing runs ranging from small-lot orders to mass production

Four levelers and one mini-leveler anchor a production system that is capable of accommodating jobs ranging from small-lot orders to mass production.
Leveler specifications

Cold Rolling Mill

Producing high-precision products efficiently

Cold rolling mill at the Senboku Center roll steel to a wide range of thicknesses at high levels of precision.
Cold Rolling Mill
Cold rolling mill specifications

Forming Line

Accommodating complex shapes quickly

Forming lines and press machines at the Mie Center produce lightweight shaped steel and building materials.
Forming Line
Forming line specifications

Processing Machine

Flexible shaping capability and high productivity

Our processing machines can cut and drill steel to accommodate a diverse range of product needs, including in the machining of structural members for solar panel mounting hardware.
加工機 CNCビームワーカー
Processing machine  specifications